In Schools

Indian Dance workshops for children in schools in  Surrey and West Sussex.

Indian dance workshops give children the chance to be expressive and creative through this rich dance vocabulary. With hand gestures, percussive footwork and coordinated body movements the children have fun learning and creating dance. Workshops can be themed according to to various curriculum topics and to cultural festivals and celebrations.

Burpham Primary School, Guildford. Friends of the Forest Project January 2011

Funded by Guildford Borough Arts
With live musical accompaniment the children danced life in the forest.
The hand gestures of Indian dance were a starting point for this expressive movement. The children experienced aspects of the science curriculum through Indian dance theatre. They learnt how to use their bodies and facial expressions to create character and to express emotion.

Deevali at Tillingbourne School, Chilworth, near Guildford
Every October Nick and Sarra offer three days of dance and music workshops at Tillingbourne school to help devise the Deevali school assembly for parents and students.

The dance is interwoven into the drama where students present the story of Rama and Seeta.

For further information on Indian dance and music workshops please contact Sarra Whicheloe on 01483 268014.